Getting involved in Knox

Being a Good Corporate Citizen

Corporate Citizenship or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) describes how a business commits to and becomes involved in initiatives contributing to the interests and welfare of their employees, customers, the environment and the community.

As more and more consumers, businesses and employees seek out organisations with moral and ethical dimensions, Corporate Citizenship is fundamental for any business regardless of your size aiming for long term sustainability. It develops a positive image and reputation for businesses, builds customer loyalty, increases profits and makes you an employer of choice.

CSR Successes in Knox

How to get your business involved

Knox Council can assist you in getting involved with your community. 

If your business would like to get involved in Clean Up Australia Day or National Tree Day, or if you want information on what else your business can get involved in, please call Council's Economic Development department or Nadine Gaskell (Biodiversity) at Knox City Council on 9298 8000.

Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day is an annual event that has been helping to clean up Australia for 25 years and provides the community and businesses alike with opportunities to make a difference in their local environment. It is held in March each year, but of course ANY day of the year can be Clean Up Australia Day!

Knox City Council, in conjunction with your business, can help to coordinate and support a Clean Up Australia Day just for your business at a site in your local area.

A Clean Up Day makes a great team building event for staff and acts as an entry point for greater community involvement and environmental awareness.

National Tree Day

National Tree Day is Australia's largest community tree-planting and nature care event. Tree Day is an opportunity to do something positive for your local environment and community and to reconnect with nature. National Tree Day started in 1996 and since then more than 3 million people have planted 21 million trees and plants and it's still growing.

Every year, many workplaces run their own National Tree Day events and activities because it is such a worthwhile cause. There are a host of reasons why trees are good for the environment, not least of which is their ability to improve air quality, mask urban noise and beautify surroundings, which helps attract business to the area.

National Tree Day makes a great team building event for staff and acts as an entry point for greater community involvement and environmental awareness.

Knox City Council coordinates several tree-planting events each year in July, a day for the community where everyone can get involved and another that is for businesses.  

Congratulations to the following businesses for getting involved in 2018's Corporate National Tree Day.  This joint effort resulted in 1000 plants being put in the ground at Colchester Reserve in Boronia, contributing to the habitat and food sources for local wildlife.

Bricolage Design
Estia Health
Greenscape Tree Consulting
Knox Leisureworks
Knox Rotary
Leaf Design Studio
Lean Energy
Ray White Bayswater
Scoresby Secondary College
Sodastream Australia
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Think Advantage
Warriors 4 Wildlife

To find out more or to register your organisation for next year's event, visit